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Sports: kick boxing

Kick boxing  is a combat sport in which the beating of the feet and hands as in the martial arts, karate is associated with conventional speakers. Elbow and knee joints in some countries (eg USA, Australia) is prohibited. In the various schools and sport organizations is regulated differently, whether the opponent may be held or what hit areas are allowed at the opponent. Holding the opponent, and the case and bring in \"the clinch\" go again refers to the Muay Thai (Thai Boxing). Low blows are always off-limits, however, in some associations kicks (kicks) on the thigh (low kicks) allowed. Association regulated differently depending on the use of hand and rotary shock Fußfegern (techniques, that the opponent is out of balance) is. Any association is common to the prohibition of hitting on the back and opponents who are on the ground and throwing the opponent.

Kick boxing

as a competitive sport dates back to 1974, it was then called \"All Style Karate\", \"Sport Karate\" or \"Contact Karate\". This year, agreed the founder of the World Association WASKO (World All Style Karate Organization), Mike Anderson, George F. Brueckner and others on the traditional Oriental methods of combat, such as Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu, etc., into a competitive sport, with standardized rules to make and compete against other combat systems. 1985 developed into the shoot boxes. The WAKO and WKA are the world\'s largest associations and set up a year from world championships. Although kickboxing is a modern, western martial arts training and competition have many similarities with the traditional Boxing, Savate and Muay Thai.